Thursday, 22 September 2011


Just a quick blog about the Zumbathon - I survived! You have never watched anything so funny in your life. The gringo from Colombia who invented this craze must've been crazy himself. I have often thought of myself as reasonably well co-ordinated in terms of feet, arms, legs etc - Well - NO I'M BLOODY WELL NOT!!!!!! Octopus arms all over the place and moving one way as the legs are being ordered to go the other in time to some fast paced South American music - I couldn't keep up. I was more "bollocks" than "Bollywood" I can tell you. It was an experience not to be repeated but the Zumba teacher, Sharon, was so enthusiastic and terrific with the children that I felt I had to at least give it a try. Ok - so I gave it a try - time to move on and try cross stitching or bird watching or train spotting...... or just drinking, eating and sitting like a big couch potato watching CSI Miami............  Half hour of torture - oops I mean fun - took place from one till half past by which point the weans were the weirdest shade of beetroot red and needing to be hydrated from the toes up! Me? Once I realised I could end up like a big spangle on the floor in a tangled mass of body parts, I took to turning myself into David Bailley (photographer extraordinaire!!). At least from the behind the camera, I looked busy and focused so Sharon left me alone to do my teacherly job of capturing the moments (or half hour!!)
Actually it was really fun, all joking aside. The kids loved it, I toyed with being serious about it then decided there was no fun in that but it put in a half hour this afternoon and it's not something we do every week - thank the Lord!  There are no photos of me, J, sorry about that, but I would not have your stay in hospital due to loss of breath through excessive merriment and hysterics on my conscience.
Try it out - good old Zumba - if I ever meet that bloody Colombian, I'll ..................

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