Thursday, 22 September 2011

The enemy.............

Insomnia is my enemy - it creeps up on me like the proverbial thief in the night and robs me of, not only my sleep, but nearly my sanity too (YOU? SANE? I hear you say......). It's hard to function on 3 hours or less sleep when you are facing a class of 32 nine year olds who crave your attention on a perpetual but continual basis. I'm not the type of person to be grouchy all day - no, I can actually still function reasonably well on so little shut eye. But there comes that time - around 2 in the afternoon - when I feel like lying in the corner and have the kids sing me a lullaby. Snoring at that very moment in time nearly becomes a reality. But not quite. The professional in me - as well as the noise level resounding through a completely open plan school of an afternoon keep my peepers open just long enough to see the day out till 3pm.
When I get home, I decide to come upstairs for a rest. Will my eyes shut now? Nope. So I get back up again, thinking that I'll have an early night just after dinner. Sated and feeling ready for a visit to Noddyland, I climb the stairs once more, get into bed and PING - eyelids are refusing point blank to droop - not for no one, nobody, no thing! Up I get again, watch some tv, read a book (always good for getting the eyelids ready for shut down!) and, with a few yawns, weariness and definitely no spring in my step, I'm finally ready.......
2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours later - I'm still ready.....and willing........... tell that to my eyes cos they have now gone into overdrive and are staging a protest - "WE WILL NOT CLOSE"!
So I see every hour on the clock, frustration building to boiling point ready to overflow like the lava pouring venomously down the sides of Krakatoa until - eventually - they can take it no more and close in sweet repose.
For around an hour or two!!! It's time to get up for work so, with the alarm ringing out the death knoll, it's up I get, into the shower, dressed, out the door and back to the round of torture once more. Will I fall asleep today on the job? Not likely............ but there's always a first time!

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