Sunday, 25 September 2011

The perty!!!

Craig's party was brill. I was there with loads of my mates and the evening went fantastically well. I left my poor brother gigging in our local while I climbed the hill to the higher echelons of Chapelhall's society - to the Parochial Hall! I felt a little bit guilty leaving Jim down there playing probably to himself (not the case as I later found out) while most of the pub regulars were at the party.
We had a ball. The hall was full to capacity and Craig was really overwhelmed with the turn out. The music was great and Jinty was busting out all the shapes and moves with my pal, Chris - he is soooo cool on the dance floor! My old knees are suffering for it today. Even without the effects of alcohol (remember Saint Jinty was driving?) why do I think that bopping about the dance floor in heels that I don't normally wear is not going to have an adverse effect the following day? When I tried to crawl from my bed and stood up, I knew today was not going to be a comfortable one - my knees are bloody killing me!! Old age doesn't come itself and, quite obviously, wisdom doesn't come with age - I didn't give a toss last night when I was up shakin my very ample booty to J-Lo or "Twistin The Night Away" - never considered that today I would have the body of a 47 year old and the knees of a geriatric! It's sore to walk - but I'll suck it up and get on the go.
Not satisfied enough with the party antics, when I returned to my local and to my brother's gig, what did this moron do? Yeah - you've guessed it - hit the dancefloor once again! Now if I had been drinking I could see the point. But I had 2 cans of Sprite and a diet Irn Bru - not enough alcohol in there to warp my mind - so the fact that I thought I was back to being an 18 year old is, truthfully, beyond me. Maybe it was wearing the high heels that caused the problem........ maybe not......
Anyway a good night was had and I promise I've learned my lesson - just smoochin on the dancefloor from now on - no busting moves like MC Hammer on a good day! So I'll suffer in silence - I know a man who will slag me today when he sees me limping - I love him - he'll get away with it - this once (who am I kidding?  He gets away with it EVERY time!)
I am out tonight at an event in my brother's church. My 15 year old great nephew, Ben, is a musical genius and has produced a show called "Trek- a tribute to the pioneers" - he has even written one of the songs for it. I so love my family - we are a close knit bunch. And there's loads of us. A man once told me that he's never met a family like us - we are unique. It's the nicest thing he has ever said to me - and I've known him 14 years!
But I am glad to say I am merely a spectator tonight and not a participant. Thank goodness cos maybe Ben would want his old auntie to bust out those dance moves..................

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