Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My holiday weekend

Yeah I know we are only back to school a few weeks but we are already having our first "break" - September weekend. I love when we are off (much as I love my job). It allows me to just be "me" again  - to chill out, relax, catch up on some sleep and gather myself for the next onslaught of long and short term plans and any curve ball that will inevitably be tossed my way.
So what's on the horizon this weekend? Well I have a 30th birthday party to attend on Saturday night. One of my former pupils who, unusually for me, has become a really good friend after leaving school and growing up. There are only a handful of former pupils who fall into this category out of hundreds that I have taught but Craig is one of them. It makes me feel really old when I hear that they are in their 30s but it's lovely that they want me to help celebrate it with them. So I shall trot to our local hall and shimmy on down with the best of them. I'm not drinking - I'll drive instead (saint Jinty is among you in the village of Chapelhall!)
Sunday I'll spend with "the crazy man" of which I'll say no more then on Monday I am going to the Premier Inn to meet up with my Irish friends.
I have the good fortune to be friends with a well known Irish singer and his entourage. My friend and I toured with him for years and helped sell his merchandise. Because of him, I have travelled the length and breadth of the British Isles and been to places I would never otherwise have been in my lifetime. One of those places is Ireland - north and south of the border line. A country which I love and miss dearly because I haven't been for a number of years now. We stayed in Co. Down many times - at the Slieve Donard Hotel - and it was wonderful. My whole summer break from school would be spent touring Ireland , often taking up his hospitality and staying with him in his home. I know the real man and he is lovely. So I look forward to a hug from him and all the others on Monday night. Then on Tuesday he plays the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and I'll be there - probably sitting backstage in the dressing room chatting with his PA, with one ear honed to the monitor that allows you to hear what's happening onstage with him. The best of both worlds.
So my weekend is busy. Unusually so for me on a holiday. But I'm looking forward to all of it. I'll keep you posted.

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