Monday, 19 September 2011

My World!

I have been encouraged by an old friend to try out this blogging malarky. And, although it is unlike me to share my life so publicly, I have a sneaky suspicion that I may enjoy the venture. Doubt very much if anyone will be interested in what goes on in my world (hell, sometimes I'M not that interested!) but I am willing to share.

My world consists of - mainly ME (not entirely through choice). And my wee bunny rabbit who is allowed to share my house with me. He is rather anti-social - probably because I have him spoiled rotten but we co-habit quite peacefully. My close family live near me but not WITH me and this is a fact that I can live with! I enjoy my own company. I have many friends but, when I come HOME, I like my own space. There is a special someone in my life but we keep things completely quiet and private - just how we like it. Village mentality has propogated many a scandal between him and I but we just grin and avoid those probing questions that get fired our way.

My family is dwindling and I've suffered many losses over the years. The latest tragedy was the death of my sister at the young age of 52. Nothing prepares you for the loss of a sibling. In the evolution of life, somewhere in your head, you prepare yourself as best you can for the loss of your parents. But nothing - and I mean NOTHING prepares you for the death of your sister 6 years older than you. It's off the scale, incomprehensible and something from which we will not fully recover. It's a life now being lived without her presence and I miss her greatly. We had many a laugh in our time together as sisters.

We used to have cocktail nights at her house only a few hundred yards up the road from my own house. We would gather together all the "alcopoppy" style drinks of the day and some pretty tasty treats like Midori, Malibu etc  Jinty, in the kitchen, became your talented bar tender - mixing, shaking, shimmying to whatever music Helen would have chosen. With drinks poured, we'd settle on the 2 couches - her flat out on one and me on the other. After a few hours and many sips(!!!!) of our exotic delight, we would decide it was OUR turn to burst into song. At this exact moment, my brother-in-law would decide that he was so tired, he would need to go to bed. With goodnights said, Helen and I got stuck into more drinks and thought up more songs. No song was off limits - from the latin song we learned at primary school (which we sang in harmony I may add) to the most popular tunes of the day. We (in Scottish terminology) "gave it laldy!!"  But when we hit a particular set of songs, we knew we had run out and it really was time for me to head home and hit the sack. Yes - the Disney songs!! Under The Sea was a particular favourite even though by that time we could barely remember the words and would gently banter over which verse came next. But Zippiddee Doo Dah got a good airing too as did songs from Jungle Book, Cinderella (sung in falsetto voices!) and The Lion King. What a talent we thought we were. I'm sure the neighbours would not have agreed at 2 or 3 on a Sunday morning. We loved it and enjoyed each other's company.

I miss my sister so much - from being able to tell her funny and amusing anecdotes from my school day to shopping on a Saturday morning and popping into a cafe for tea or coffee before we came home. My sister was a real class act - a lady - with a warm welcome for everyone. I miss her presence dearly but the memories of all the good times we shared sustain me through the many moments of grief that etch their way coldly around my heart. We will meet someday again "over the rainbow". Welcome to my world!

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  1. I so glad your happy memories of your times with your sister help to keep her alive and vibrant in you - your saturday nights sound a great laugh - and we all think we can sing when 3 sheets to the wind as well :-)