Tuesday, 20 September 2011

It's been a busy old term already!

I feel as if we have been back to school for months and months - like the 7 weeks holiday never existed (poor you, I hear you screech sarcastically!)
The children in my new class have settled well and we are all getting into a routine. It's like a group of strangers being thrown together and told that you must co-habit for 5 hours each day Monday to Friday in joviality, good humour and peaceful bliss for a whole year - aye right!!!! Not always the case no matter how hard you try! Don't get me wrong - I'm a seasoned veteran when it comes to teaching (26 years of experience) but sometimes things go pear shaped. And we all have off days - or sometimes off weeks!! I include myself very much in this mix. Little sleep this weekend has not made me the jovial character that normally sits in the "teacher's chair" but I'm not apologising for being a little less than perfect!
Already we have had to plan every subject area till November, start new weekly short term planning sheets, write evaluation sheets of our current week (plan, plan, plan - do you see the pattern here?),  prepare for an Open Evening, organise a school allotment visit resulting in a coleslaw making bonanza from the fruits (veggies) of our labours, consider and discuss the idea that Nessie is for real and take part in a Zumbathon. Yes - you heard right  - a sponsored Zumba delight - a half hour of dance, movement and exercise to Bollywood style music where, no doubt, the good old croc of a teacher will be asked to "bust out some moves"! Much to the delight of her 32 children but not to the delight of Miss Bryce!! I  hope the ambulance is ready and waiting outside the school door with gas and air to revive this poor old codger who, through choice, has dedicated herself wholeheartedly to her profession. 100% commitment - even if it bloody kills me - I will not be beaten by 9 year olds - and I certainly want to maintain my superteacher/superhero status in their young and innocent eyes. So, suitably attired, I will show up on Thursday and "give it welly" during my Zumba half hour of torture (oops, I mean fun). My status as "head of the clan" will not be tarnished and I can leave for September weekend holiday knowing I have done my bit for the school and community. As for me on Thursday night? I'll be soaking in a hot bath to soothe my aching muscles, ponder on the day's trials and tribulations and get my breath back. Yeah - it's been a busy old term already!

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