Wednesday, 28 September 2011

It's Wednesday evening. It's quarter past eight - and I am ready for bed! I am absolutely shattered tonight probably because I've been burning the candle at both ends since the weekend. Not a drop of alcohol has passed my lips - and I seriously am telling the truth about that - but I have been constantly on the go and now all I need is wrapped in a tartan shawl and cuddled.
It's been a great few days and nights but I am getting too old for consecutive nights out with no time to rest in between. I've met up with special long standing friends, partied with folk in my community and dined with the man I love - what more could I ask for? I lead a very varied life and love everything about it but, sometimes, for sanity's sake, you just have to rest!
Tonight is that night. I could actually really go a double cheeseburger from McDonalds and a cup of coffee but I can't be bothered getting dressed again to go and get one. So I'll sit and dream about it (might actually go downstairs to make the cofffee - that would be too lazy if I didn't!) but a trip to Coatbridge's Drive Thru McDonalds isn't appealing to me one little bit although I would enjoy the end result I'm certain.
It's time to head off now - I'm rambling cos I'm goosed, done in, oot the game, knacked!! Nite nite xx

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