Sunday, 25 September 2011


Love is wonderful. To be loved is the most precious gift anyone can bestow on you. It happens, not because it's expected or out of a sense of obligation or duty but because it's a desire to do so by the person passing on that gift.
To love somebody back is easy - if they mean the world to you then it's a given. Unconditional and unwavering. When you're IN love? Tricky and fantastic all at the same time.
 It makes the world go round, is blind, it hurts, is a many splendoured thing, the power of it - all of these are attributed to love (and many more). It's written about more often than any other subject I know. Nobody has found a formula to make it work easily and smoothly 100%.
But we still all look for the perfection, the wonder, the thrill of it. We work at finding it all our lives in which ever way we choose to do so. Sometimes you have to go searching it out. At times, it simply falls from the heavens and lands right underneath your nose.
Most people want a "one and only" - a soulmate - someone to share EVERYTHING with. And, if you're very lucky, your wish just might come true.
I think (no, I KNOW) I've found mine. He IS my everything. He makes me smile, laugh and we share all sorts of things together. He is my confidant and I am his.
Men are so slow sometimes (not meaning to be rude!) but they definitely inhabit another airspace than us females do. I think it was quite some time before he realised how I really felt. But he knows I love him. My life would be empty without him in it. And that's what the power of what love can do.

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