Friday, 28 October 2011

What was I thinking?.......

I am done in/goosed/exhausted/Donald Ducked - any euphemism for tired out - I'm it!! Why? Cos I thought last night I was running on never ending Duracell batteries and kept going till I was near collapse! Might be a little exaggeration but it sounds very dramatic so I'm sticking with it.
In my infinite wisdom I believed myself to be youthful, energetic, carefree and - fast!!! NOT SO! I aimed to do all my shopping for the month in a couple of hours between Airdrie and Coatbridge then head back to the school for tea with the staff before the kids' Hallowe'en disco at half 7. Which planet did I drop off? Who did I think I was kidding? Here's what I thought:- get all my shopping, get home and carefully put all merchandise in its proper place in my kitchen, get changed into jeans and head back for aforementioned meal with aforementioned colleagues, come home for an hour and a half and rest before leisurely heading to the Post Office to meet up with the man, spend some time there then come home and happily go to bed. Here's what REALLY happened:- went to Airdrie and ended up in lots of different shops, got laden down with bags and had to drag them back to the car. Boot filling up nicely. Went to pet shop and got big bag of rabbit food for Smokie which was put on the floor of the passenger front seat. More shopping in the High Street. Boot now full to the gunnels and threatening to overflow. Still Asda to go to in Coatbridge. Whilst there my nephew phones to see if I will practise interview skills with him when I come from the kids' disco. No probs mate! Wasn't buying much in Asda - aye right!!! Took shopping eventually to the car and had to put it on the back seat and the floor. By now - knackered! Looked at my watch to see it hitting 7pm - dinner with staff oot the windae! Rush home and fire the frozen stuff in the freezer and chilled stuff in the fridge. Leave tins and other such stuff on my living room floor and kitchen table and worktops. Now looks like armageddon!
I stick on hairband with ghosts on them that wobble about and a big hairy spider that twinkles its lights menacingly in the dark on my cardigan - still in school clothes and run out the door to the disco - which by now I could see far enough! Make all suitable noises and dance moves at disco for an hour and then come home to help Ross with his interview technique. Realising I have had no dinner but now with a house full of grub that would choke a horse, I decide to make tuna pasta for us all while honing Ross's technique. Made it - but no time to eat it - I bid farewell to one Ross and say hello to another, equipped with some tuna pasta for him but still having nothing myself. As I leave the Post Office with him I then realise that my feet now have a pulse of their own. Now I know there are pulses in your feet - but these were more like a friggin heartbeat! I was so tired I was staggering like the local drunk on a good Saturday night (actually that might be ME!) but eventually got home at around half 11. Done in/goosed/Donald Ducked!!!
This was not what I had in mind when I left school with my very bright idea at 3pm. Maybe I thought I had the energy for shopping hopping - but I have to confess I DON'T!! Maybe I thought I was faster than I actually am. I know I've lost tons of weight but I must've thought I was SUPERWOMAN!! Never again - that's all - never again!
Goodnight, Glod Bless and I'm away for a well deserved sleep!

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