Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My week to date...

I'm having a great week off. I am looking after Emma and Ava while Colin is at work. Emma will have my new wee great nephew in 4 weeks time and she is finding it hard to run around after Princess Ava. So auntie Jinty to the rescue....... today we played football and Ava laughed so much that she had wee scarlet cheeks,her face flushed with laughing and squealing with delight. Auntie Jinty? Goosed, cream crackered, done in, wabbit - but I had great fun too. It's the simple pleasures that make me happy and spending time with family is always a pleasurable experience. Ava is enjoying me being there too so it's worth every second of getting up early to get to the house before she gets up and to see her wee smiling face when she sees me. Wonderful.

Then at night it's Ross's turn. Gary is on holiday in Cyprus and Ross is working 2 weeks straight - from 8 in the morning till half 11 at night - so I am helping out in the shop when the doors shut to clear up and stock the shelves in preparation for the next morning's onslaught at the Post Office desks. He'll be exhausted by the end of the fortnight, especially as he hasn't been well himself, but he soldiers on - no choice really - and I'll soldier on with him as usual. We make a good team and are so used to each other now that we spend time comfortably together, sometimes in silence, sometimes roaring with laughter! That's my favourite time. We both have a warped sense of humour and I laugh more with him than I've ever done with anyone in my life. He's a tonic to me and we're best of friends. He comes out with some mental random stuff that sets me howling with laughter - he knows just how to keep me amused, make me smile and split my sides laughing. He's the only one that can bring that kind of joy to my life and I am thankful for him.

After Emma's tomorrow, I have some visiting to do - to my dear friend Mrs Stangoe, to make sure she is ok. She is 87 years old, lives at the other end of my street and I love her dearly. She is such a kind soul. I work with her daughter, Ruth, and I go and visit her periodically and take her a wee fruit slice which she loves. We have tea and a blether and it gives her some company for a wee while. Ruth is away for a well earned rest this week so I'll check up on "mother" for her.

On Friday afternoon I am meeting up with my old boss to go for a bowl of soup and a catch up. Hopefully one or two of my other work mates will be able to come and we will have a good chance to spend some quality time together before work and all it entails beckons once again.

That's what I've been doing up till now. I've still mid-term reports to complete for my class but, hey, there's always the weekend!!

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